We are a pre through post production company whose aim is to create entertainment with an impact.  Our name derives from the proverb:  




We endeavor to produce content that embraces human resilience.  We believe in empowering and unifying other creative professionals and collaborating with passionate and hard working individuals who want to make narrative and documentary films that are extraordinary.  


We believe in making our days and feeding our crews well.    We love set culture and cultivating long lasting professional and personal relationships from our production families.  


We are interested in researching and representing different walks than our own, and we are proud of  our ability to tell the stories of others and ourselves. 


We are confident we will always be on the forefront of new methods, utilizing useful new technology and recognizing tricks-for-tricks'-sake fads. 

We will not cut corners.  We will not sacrifice quality.  We will always plan our work and work our plan.   There is always a new idea and a moment to figure out the best way to pursue it.   We are dreamers.  We are doers.  We are multi-talented and work hard.  We will never stop asking questions, and we will strive to keep learning. 

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